Welcome to Bridal Love Ministries, where we focus on helping you discover intimacy with Jesus as your heavenly Bridegroom.

How does Bridal Love Ministries work?

Come on a journey through the book Song of Songs to learn how that intimacy works, grows and changes your everyday life.

We also believe in equipping every believer with skills, wisdom, understanding and purpose for the End Times. Study Poppie’s book on Revelation and learn how it is relevant to you personally.

We are here to help!

Join us on the experiential adventure of growing in spiritual maturity with God.

You are welcome to join us on one of our events to learn more. We offer material suitable for all ages in the form of books, DVDs, weekend seminars and camps.

Come and revive your relationship with the Lord and renew your passion for Him. He is waiting to call you into a deeper relationship, full of purpose. He is coming soon and we want to help you get ready for His return!

Bridal Love Ministries-He is coming

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