Core values

Core values

Our core values are the foundation for how we do what we do and set safe boundaries within which we all can learn and grow in the experience of listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit and acting on the desires of His heart.



  • Responsive, controlled and guided by the Holy Spirit. We are facilitators of His presence, co-workers with Him in everything.
  • Freedom from a programme, head knowledge and religion.
  • Simplicity in practical intimacy with Jesus.
  • Free of self-consciousness and self-importance. Humility enables us to serve both in front and in the hidden places.
  • Freedom to enter the Holy of Holies with boldness, and help others to enter in as well.


Radical obedience

  • Humble and total dependence on God.
  • Willingness to look foolish.
  • Letting go of our own plans and pursuing God’s plan with commitment.
  • Not relying on our own knowledge and understanding, but seeking His voice first.
  • Moving with the seasons of the Holy Spirit as they change.



  • Acknowledgement of everyone’s journey without judgement.
  • Unconditional grace and forgiveness, truth in love, maturing in the spirit together.
  • Knowing everything we are able to do is thanks to God alone.
  • We rely on God’s favour wherever we go.
  • We do not take the credit or the glory — it belongs to the Lord alone.