What does everything in the book of Revelation actually mean? Will it all happen as it is written? Are we really in the last days? What does Revelation have to do with me and what should I do?

We address all of these questions and more with a fresh, easy-to-understand explanation of this important book.

No long theological debates.

Just Scripture and simple keys to help you understand it in a timeline of events that makes sense.

You have an important purpose to complete in your life and much of it has to do with this very book.

It has everything to do with the rest of your life, your vision of eternity and the choices you make here and now. Come up here, and you will learn great and wonderful things you did not know!

Watch our Inside Revelation trailer for an exciting taste of what you can expect – plenty of the footage was filmed on location in Israel!

The book, Behold, I am coming soon! (or, Kyk, Ek kom gou!) is available here in English and Afrikaans, and we have a DVD series of the same title as well. To attend a weekend or weekly seminar on Revelation, click here.