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We focus on helping you discover intimacy with Jesus as your heavenly Bridegroom.

Check out our free podcast series on Song of Songs, broadcasted in April 2020. This message about intimacy with Christ takes you through your journey as a Christian, and is presented in the context of current events.

In the challenging times we are living in, understanding how to have a relationship with God and persevere has never been more crucial. It is an uplifting, relevant, personal, and practical message for a time such as this.

You can also download the free podcast workbook in the Store section to help you make notes as you listen to the podcast.

Please share with friends and family who need encouragement, hope, truth, and to see a light at the end of the tunnel.


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Let go of our own plans and pursue God’s plan with commitment.

Who we are

Bridal Love Ministries was founded in Cape Town, South Africa, by Deon and Poppie Hauptfleisch in 2004.