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A verse-by-verse study of Revelation that will help you understand what this book is really saying to YOU. You’ll understand the timeline of events, the 3 keys that explain what part of the story fits where, and best of all, how the whole book is relevant to YOUR personal relationship with Jesus Christ, your heavenly Bridegroom. Get ready, He IS coming soon!

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A set of six DVDs where Poppie Hauptfleisch takes you through Revelation, chapter by chapter. With many of the scenes filmed on location in Israel, this is a DVD-set that is full of divine miracles, special effects from the Lord, and created with passion, prayer, endless hours of effort and the grace of Christ.

The information is presented in clips, allowing you to process the information at a pace you can handle. It also goes well with the English copy of the book, Behold, I Am Coming Soon!

Invest not only in your future with God and your loved ones, but also in your eternal hope. Be strengthened in your most holy faith, by the Word of truth.


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